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Dear visitors,

Throughout the years, comrade Ashraf Dehghani has written a number of books and articles including her prison memoirs known as "Torture and Resistance in Iran"(1973), “A Critique on the book “Spartacus” (mid 1970s), “On the Objective Conditions of Revolution” (1979), "A message from Ashraf Dehghani to the Coragious People of Iran" (1983), "The Spread of A Misogynist Culture, the Means to Further Serve the Exploitation of Workers"(1999), “To the Heroic People of Iran” (1999), “Shamlou In the Flowing River of History” (2000) and a newly published book titled “On the “myth” of Samad Behrangi’s Death”. In addition to these, her famous and controversial “1980 interview” and her legendary and well-known speech printed under the title “A Speech at Mahabaad’s Mass Meeting”(1980) are among the list of her work. However, unfortunately not all have been translated into English .

We hope that in the future we will be able to provide you with more of comrade Ashraf’s writings.

Part One - Part Two

(On the occassion of March 8th, International Day of working and toiling women)